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Catering Equipment Hire Aberdeen: 07717 666 430

Is there a minimum order amount?

No. There is no minimum spend or minimum order number. However, please bear in mind that some items like glassware are offered in packs of 24. Sadly we cannot split packs like these. Please refer to the quantity columns on the hire list pages for information on pack or item size.

What is the typical here period?

You’ll be pleased to learn that the hire period (and hire costs!) does not include delivery/collection day, or return/collection day. So for one day hire, goods collected or delivered on a Monday should be returned on Wednesday morning. Luxo will deliver the goods the day before the event and collect them the day after the event. If you are picking your hire items up from our depot, then collection is the day before and goods should be returned the morning after the event. Luxo do not operate on Sundays. An order collected or delivered on a Friday and returned or collected on Monday is charged as 1 day hire.

Is there a deposit?

The security deferred deposit will be a percentage of the order value and is required before equipment can be picked and loaded or before any Luxo delivery can be made. Deposits will be refunded on successful return of goods and after being inspected by a member of the Luxo team. The refund is returned using the same method by which payment is made. If the hire is made by Debit/Credit Card then the amount will be transferred back to your account this way. Damage or losses on customer collected or customer returned items should be claimed via your Goods in Transit insurance or similar.

What are my responsibilities as a hirer?

The hirer will be responsible for all goods hired from time of collection/delivery up until the time of return. It is the responsibility of the hirer to clean and pack the items ready for return on a pre-arranged date. Where drivers have to deliver or collect to or from separate locations an extra charge will be incurred. As regards Kitchen equipment hire, the onus is on the Hirer or their Agent to have sufficient knowledge in the use and connection of equipment that is being hired. You must ensure that you have the necessary skills and knowledge in the operation of all electrical and LPG appliances.

What about breakages and losses?

The vast majority of breakages or losses will be covered by your deposit. The most common items to go missing are small items like teaspoons and the most common breakages in Luxo’s experience are glasses. Breakages and losses will be logged by a member of Luxo staff during the post-hire goods check. Luxo has a robust system in place for checking returns after hire and we will inform you of any breakages and losses before any deductions are made from your deposit. Breakages and losses can be minimized by following the advice below:

  • Ensure items are packed and returned in their original boxes
  • Ensure all linen is fully dried before packing to avoid build-up of mildew
  • Have measures in place to protect table cloths from candle wax

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