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Wash Stations

Sinks & Wash Stations

Luxo provide more than just events, we deliver experiences.

If you are hosting an outdoor event like a garden party, a fundraising barbecue or a full blown music festival, then a wash station is going to be indispensable to guests, certainly when mains water isn’t available. Luxo has three solid options on offer including a small non-electric hand wash from Teal and a truly versatile electric option from the respected Burco.

Teal have a solid reputation in mobile sinks and portable basins and the table-top non-electric version is perfect for any event where no power supply or plumbing is available. Burco provides a more robust no-plumbing electric option. This popular BBQ item boasts a sturdy stainless steel construction and can handle over 80 hand washes per fill.

Hire List
cost (excl VAT)
Small Handwash (Teal)
Electric Handsfree Handwash (Burco)
Free Standing Handwash No Electric (Teal)
Robust, portable, easy to use and easy to clean Non-electric version uses pre-heated hot water with insulated unit With Teal Wash Stations no plumbing or power connections needed Hired & delivered throughout Aberdeen & Scotland Suitable for barbecues, garden parties, fundraising events and festivals New Stock Arriving Weekly!! Don't see what you want? Call 07935 967731!!