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Equipment Hire

Catering Equipment Hire

Luxo provide more than just events, we deliver experiences.
 Glass / Glassware Hire

Whether you are organising a product launch, a wedding reception, or planning a lively Christmas Party, Luxo has a selection of different glass designs and sizes.

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Tableware / Cutlery

Alongside that sparkling glassware there’s nothing that adds a more beautiful finishing touch than a flash of dazzling cutlery and a crisp white serviette.

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Table & Chairs

It doesn’t matter when it is a wedding, a conference or a sit-down meal at a charity event, ensuring your guests are comfortable is a number one priority.

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At Luxo, we have crockery to suit all occasions, whether it is a quiet afternoon business reception, a top-drawer business breakfast or a full-blown 200 guest wedding reception.

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Kitchen Equipment

Luxo’s incredible range of catering and kitchen equipment covers everything from food preparation and production to serving and presentation (plus everything in between!).

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Luxo has plenty of experience in Barbecue hire from small family gatherings and weddings to large corporate events..

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Wash Stations

Luxo has three solid options on offer including a small non-electric hand wash from Teal and a truly versatile electric option from the respected Burco.

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When it comes to food storage, Luxo’s fleet of refrigerated trailers provide the caterer and event organiser with complete peace of mind.

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Marquees & Gazebos

If you are not confident the weather is going to hold out for that glamourous June wedding or that annual Summer garden party then our pop-up gazebos are an ideal option.

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It doesn’t matter whether you are hosting a conference or entertaining folks at a fundraiser, there is one thing that all guests expect, and that’s a bar

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Coffee Machines

Become a training day Barista with these top of the range coffee machines. Give everybody their daily fix of espresso or cappuccino.

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We can event manage too!

  • Wedding Events

    Make the big day even bigger. Small and intimate or large and lavish, we’ll make it a day to remember!

  • Christmas Parties

    Keeping the food & wine flowing is key. But so is sticking to tight company budgets. Luxo can help!

  • Conferences

    Our managers will add that slick, corporate sheen & ensure that all involved are delivering as a team.

  • Corporate Receptions

    Leave the kind of impression on clients that will guarantee their confidence in you as a provider.

  • Birthday Parties

    Go beyond their wildest expectations with a theme-based party packing plenty of surprises.

  • Private Dinners

    Luxo can add a discreet and personal touch to intimate private dinners, formal or informal.

  • Product Launches

    A quality product should be accompanied by a high quality environment.

  • Corporate Meets

    Early breakfast meetings or delicious working lunches, Luxo event managers will adapt!