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Event Management

Perfect Planning, Expert Advice

Luxo provide more than just events, we deliver experiences.

Luxoeventhire provides event planning and management services of all kinds. Whether you need an evening your family and friends will never forget, or you want your new offering to be the talk of the town on Monday morning, we can make it happen, just the way you imagine it!

We have the experience, skill and industry contacts to deliver events on any scale, and we specialise in making them memorable and unique. Our events team will work closely with you to define your requirements and plan everything out to the last detail, then deliver everything on a silver platter. Luxo have a huge database of caterers, venues and entertainers of all kinds, so we can be sure to give you the event of your dreams, whatever they may be.

help in selecting a venue

Luxo will help you choose from a myriad of options. We’ll review everything from event objectives, volume of guests, estimated set-up time and parking options.

Developing a concept or theme is critical to the success of any special occasion. Luxo will take care of room styling, floral designs and decorations to create that perfect ‘message’.

For many food isn’t just PART of the event, it IS the event. Luxo will help you develop menus, decide on presentation as well as sort out bar hire and manage and coordinate staff.

Knowing what and how much you need is very often a major stress for non-professionals. Let us help with equipment orders, supplier contracts, delivery and set-up.

The Licensing Act features a variety of different licences and knowing which license you need can be a complex affair. Our event managers will know exactly what you’ll need.

Your duty as an event organiser means you are responsible for the saftey of those attending the event. Luxo can manage risk assessments on your behalf and ensure every compliance to health & safety.

We Can Manage!

  • Wedding Events

    Make the big day even bigger. Small and intimate or large and lavish, we’ll make it a day to remember!

  • Christmas Parties

    Keeping the food & wine flowing is key. But so is sticking to tight company budgets. Luxo can help!

  • Conferences

    Our managers will add that slick, corporate sheen & ensure that all involved are delivering as a team.

  • Corporate Receptions

    Leave the kind of impression on clients that will guarantee their confidence in you as a provider.

  • Birthday Parties

    Go beyond their wildest expectations with a theme-based party packing plenty of surprises.

  • Private Dinners

    Luxo can add a discreet and personal touch to intimate private dinners, formal or informal.

  • Product Launches

    A quality product should be accompanied by a high quality environment.

  • Corporate Meets

    Early breakfast meetings or delicious working lunches, Luxo event managers will adapt!